I’m very grateful to have a puppy from HeartDog Labradors. Shirlee is my fourth lab and she is a wonderful dog. She has a great temperament. She is kind and calm with a little bit of spice. Sabre updated me on how she was doing while she was growing up with her littermates. The whole process was smooth and done with lots of love. Shirlee even had quality time with Kevin, who taught her to be adaptable on his ranch visits and to not fear anything. Shirlee is a very special puppy, and it has everything to do with how HeartDog Labs – Sabre -raises them from birth.

– Cindee, Ventura CA

Bringing Brixton home was a great experience with HeartDogLabradors, and felt more like we were joining a big family of Labrador lovers, all with a story to share. The pups are welcomed into this world in a safe loving environment, with the best care.
We received regular updates of progress and growth. Brixton had many of his first shots completed chipped, and the most organized records ready to help transition him to his new home. His Gotcha Day was well planned out to get him from Texas to Seattle, and he settled in very quickly. 
Brixton gets so many compliments about his looks and his demeanor. We couldn’t be happier to have worked with Sabre to bring a new puppy into our home.
Seattle, WA 
We were devastated to lose our 2 year old adopted lab, Maisie.  We thought we would just continue to foster labs as we had before adopting a pup of our own. Then I saw a picture of our sweet girl, Livie, and knew she would be the right pup to help our broken hearts heal.  
After losing our last dog so young, it was important to us to have as much information about Livie as possible. The binder that Sabre gave us with Livie’s complete medical history made our first vet visit a breeze as they knew exactly what she needed and we had peace of mind knowing she was throughly attended to in her first weeks of life.
We’ve had 17 labs in our home throughout the years and we know how challenging a lab puppy can be. Livie has been so much easier than we could have ever imagined!  She’s slept through the night since her first night in our home and she’s comfortable in a crate whenever she will be unattended. Potty training her has been easier than some much older dogs we have cared for.  She is not easily startled or timid.  It’s clear that she’s been exposed to many sounds of daily life in a home.  She’s incredibly playful. She loves to hide under the bed to surprise you as you walk by, play tug, and fetch (although we are still working on giving the ball up after it’s been fetched). She’s crazy fast and sometimes ends up tumbling over the ball as she doesn’t have time to stop. She can also be incredibly calm.  In fact, we’ve been asked if we were sure that she’s a lab because they had never seen a lab puppy so well-behaved.
Livie is very loving.  She makes sure everyone in the room has had a little attention, but she saves the whole body wiggle for those that she loves the most.  If I stay in one spot for a while, she most often ends up drifting off to sleep on my foot.  Livie is also very intelligent.  My daughter likes to get Livie to chase her around the kitchen island. Livie will chase her a few times and then she will stop, change directions and wait for my daughter to come to her! She catches on to new things very quickly.  We put her food into a puzzle toy and she had it figured out in less than a minute.
Have I mentioned that she is absolutely gorgeous!  Her charcoal fur and her blue eyes catch everyone’s attention.
We know we were lucky to have shared our lives with two of the most special labs and now we feel even more blessed to add Livie as a third. Her gentle demeanor, intelligence, athleticism and loving heart paired with the way Sabre nurtured her from the start has given us the most wonderful new addition to our family.
The Schmitt Family
Austin TX

We could not be any more pleased with our experience with HeartDog Labradors; the name says it all. You can tell that Sabre and Kevin put all their heart and love into raising these puppies. They are raised like their own. They keep you updated with growth and photos through the whole process. The puppies come microchipped and up to date with first round of vaccines  Any questions we had along the way Sabre would go above and beyond to answer and help out in any way that she could. 

Even after the puppies go to their forever home Sabre still reaches out and checks up on the babies. 

I definitely see another heartdog in our future! 

The Scherling family,

Chelsae, Tyler, Maverick and Journey 

Pittsburgh, PA

We are SO incredibly pleased with our experience adopting our sweet Murphy from Heartdog Labradors. From the beginning, it was clear that Sabre and Kevin prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs. Sabre kept us updated on our puppy’s development with pictures and videos until we could come pick him up. I texted with her every day for a week that when it was finally ‘Murphy day’, I was equally excited to give her a hug and meet our sweet new boy. When you meet Sabre and Kevin in person, they feel like family. They are both knowledgeable about the breed, an open book to sharing the breeding process, and it’s evident they genuinely care about their dogs and placing their puppies in loving homes.
We also appreciated the thorough paperwork and records, plus helpful resources and advice to ensure a smooth transition to our home.
Murphy is the sweetest pup, we constantly get compliments on how beautiful, handsome and overall great looking dog he is and that all started with the great care of Heartdog Labradors.
 If you are looking for a reputable breeder, who truly cares about their dogs, we highly recommend Heartdog Labradors!!
The Keng Family, Flower Mound TX

I recently added a beautiful female silver lab named Cris to my family, and I couldn’t be happier! Cris is not only stunning with her sleek silver coat, but she’s also incredibly intelligent, loving, and has seamlessly integrated into our household. Her gentle demeanor and playful spirit bring so much joy to our lives every day.

I must also commend {Sabre} HeartDog Labradors who provided us with Cris. Her dedication to producing healthy, well-socialized puppies is evident in Cris’s temperament and overall well-being. From the initial inquiry to bringing Cris home, the breeder demonstrated professionalism, knowledge, and genuine care for their dogs. I highly recommend HeartDog Labradors to anyone looking for a new family member. Thanks to them, Cris has become a cherished member of our family, and I couldn’t be more grateful.
L. Robinett
-Loveland, CO. 
We received Sky our beautiful chocolate lab form Heartdog in October. She is 6 months old and just the sweetest most loving dog. Heartdog had already started to potty train her and that was a great help. She came microchipped which made us have peace of mind. I love keeping up with all her brothers and sisters on their Facebook page. It is definitely a feeling of family keeping up with them. If you are looking for a lab this is definitely the place to get one!!!
-Becky, Alvord TX
I cannot rave enough about HeartDog Labradors! The love and time spent on these pups do not go unnoticed and it was the easiest transition to bring our Boone home and settled. Sabre keeps you informed and involved through the entire process. I can’t say enough good things and my gratitude for giving me my HeartDog!
Shandale, Gordon TX 

We had an incredible experience with Heartdog Labradors. Their commitment to the well-being and socialization of the puppies was exceptional. Sabre provided detailed information about the dog’s lineage, and even offered guidance on training. She truly loves the babies as if they were her own. Our sweet girls are family members and not just pets; it’s a testament to Sabres  dedication to producing happy, healthy, and well-adjusted dogs. I highly recommend this breeder to anyone seeking a lab with a solid foundation for a loving and lifelong bond.

-Ashley and Jamie Gerhart, Sachse TX (Millie and Burgy’s parents)

I absolutely recommend Heart Dog Labradors. Sabre truly cares about every single puppy that her girls birth and ensures they are raised in a loving, nurturing, and healthy environment. Further, she goes above and beyond with keeping the future pawrents updated on their babies from weight, to shots, to funny moments and personality traits. Even my vet said her vet records were the most cohesive and organized records they’ve seen from a breeder. Definitely recommend her and her pups!

Alyssa, Dallas TX (Monte’s momma) 

I’ve had Duke for a month now and to say he is an amazing puppy is no exaggeration. He is so well behaved, smart and loving. Duke is very attentive, has a really good nose and was even potty trained. You can tell they put their whole heart into them and spend quality time with each puppy.
~ Laurie S., Ft. Myers FL